Raoul Meuwese

Chef de Cuisine Raoul Meuwese


Since December 2018, Raoul Meuwese (1982) is the Chef de Cuisine of restaurant Bridges. He was formerly the Chef de Cuisine of Michelin-star restaurant De Hoefslag (Bosch en Duin, The Netherlands) and has years of experience in various kitchens. In the past, he worked at a.o. restaurant Seinpost (*) in Scheveningen, restaurant Leds and restaurant Savarin, both located in Rijswijk.

Together with Sous-Chef Pascal Duvivier and the rest of the kitchen brigade, Raoul will further develop the – in the beginning of 2018 – renewed concept of Bridges. Similar to previous years, Ron Blaauw stays closely connected to Bridges as culinary advisor.

Meuwese describes his dishes as classic traditional French dishes, but with international influences and a modern twist. His boundless talent and continual pursuit of the ultimate level are perfectly matched with the edifying gastronomic quality and service found at Bridges.


Photo credit: Eric Kleinberg Photography