Marco Westra

Restaurant manager Marco Westra


Born in Soesterberg (1989), Marco is the ambitious, always smiling Restaurant manager of Bridges. He grew up in a dedicated hospitality family, in which great food and bottles filled with beautiful wines played an important role. This is probably where his love for culinary excellence comes from. He has a passion for organising exciting wine trips to the most excellent wineries in Europe and loves good quality cigars.

Marco started his career as Restaurant apprentice at Librije’s Zusje ** (Zwolle, The Netherlands) and worked his way up to Assistant Sommelier. After three years he decided that it was time for a new challenge, which he found in Wijncafé Lefebvre (Utrecht, The Netherlands), where Marco was the Manager and Sommelier. Under his rule, Lefebvre became the Best Wine Bar of The Netherlands for two times in a row. An achievement of which Marco is truly proud. Again three years later, Marco became Maître-Sommelier at the Hoefslag * (Bosch en Duin, The Netherlands), where he stayed for two years before continuing his career at Bridges.